I am a designer, a maker and artist. Most of my work is three dimensional; furniture, sculpture and installations.

I work with various materials and use hand-craft techniques as well as digital technologies in my work. I like to produce work that is well crafted and honest, yet has a little bit of magic that makes it more than the sum of its parts. I consider the materials I use very carefully, and I am drawn to projects that use their materiality to communicate, either through their origins or through the surfaces and patinas they can present. It could be acknowledging the history of the materials, for example using timber from a particular tree that had a connection to the end user. It could equally be looking to the future, and purposely leaving a surface unfinished to allow it to react to atmospheric conditions and create a natural patina from the interactions between material, location and time.

My background is in furniture, I served my apprenticeship in cabinet making and as an antique furniture restorer at Denzil Grant Antiques. Working in a hands on way with unique pieces of furniture and artworks has given me a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, surface and history.

After studying 3D Design at Bath School of Art I have since taken my work in a more sculptural and experimental direction. I have also supplemented my hand craft background with digital technologies such as laser cutting and 3D printing. I now work with a variety of materials and processes, recent projects have incorporated; creating my own concrete recipes using chalk and coal, hand forging copper and steel spoons, 3D printed topography, laser cut jewellery, interactive sound/theatre installations and pewter and lead casting.