Ground/Water is a sculpture project that aims to interpret data relating to historical flood events and the geology of the city of Bath. These were produced as part of the ‘River is the Venue’ project, a partnership between 44AD artspace, Art at the Heart of the RUH and research academics at the University of Bath.

Historic flood levels are recorded on the stonework in several locations in the city; under the Widcombe footbridge, Grove Street, and at the end of Norfolk Buildings by the river. I am combining this with data from the British Geological Survey to produce a series of ‘borehole’ sculptures that present the strata of material and water in the same order and proportion as they are found naturally.

The sculptures are made from concrete and selected aggregates of varying recipes. These included a variety of locally sourced sands and gravels.

The sculptures were exhibited at Bath Quays as part of the ‘River is the Venue’ project alongside the Forest of Imagination. They are now installed at the University of Bath campus in Combe Down.