Babbington Borehole

This was a site-specific sculpture I made for Barker’s Wood in Nottingham, referencing the history and geology of the area.

Within a few hundred metres of the wood is the site of the old Babbington/Cinderhill Colliery, which was the first large-scale coal mine in the country. I looked at data from the British Geological survey, taken from the 1950’s when the mine was active and re-interpreted this using varying combinations of concrete, aggregates and pigments to produce the finished surface.

I aimed for a level of authenticity in the materials I used, sourcing the local Bulwell stone and also using real coal in the concrete recipes. I scaled the proportions of the borehole data so the sculpture can also be read as a reference to the composition of the ground below where it stands.

The project was a commssion by Nonsuch Studios and was part of their ‘Wonderwoods’ event.