Place: ‘Salisbury’

This project was part of a public art commission in Laverstock, Salisbury. I worked alongside an established public artist, Kerry Lemon, to further my research and engagement skills and as part of the commission I produced my own work.

My sculpture is an attempt at embodying the city of Salisbury into a cube, through referencing the materials that have built the city, the historical industries that existed there and the local craft practices and raw materials. Each section is carefully selected and processed to present interesting patinas and combinations of surfaces whilst maintaining a level of authenticity to the materials used. For example, to create the stone section of the sculpture I used Chilmark stone which is used locally for building and I sourced this direct from the local quarry. Salisbury also has a wool making heritage in which wool from sheep that grazed on the outskirts of the city was dyed using locally grown woad to produce a type of blue cloth specific to Salisbury. For the wool section of the cube I sourced woad and used it to dye a piece of wool felt. The leather comes from a tannery in Bristol with links to the original Salisbury tannery.