Place is a project about interpreting different locations or areas through materials.

I selected three significant locations local to myself; Bath, Bristol and the Kennet and Avon Canal, and produced a three dimensional cube sculpture for each. Each sculpture is the result of a process of immersing myself in the atmosphere and materiality of the particular place. The local geology, historic and contemporary industry, vernacular architecture, local craft processes and knowledge suggests and informs my material choices.

The project is an in-depth exploration of surface, texture and patina and using these to tell the story of the location. Each cube is an exercise in composition and the creation of a material palette. How the square faces are dissected and the proportions of the materials affects the overall feel of each piece. I have left the materials in their natural state wherever possible, and when some form of processing has been necessary I have been sympathetic to the material and tried to present the material in as natural and honest form as possible. Place has been a making-based exercise in understanding materials, where they come from and the narratives that they contain. It is also a technical exercise in understanding how to work these materials, their physical limitations, and the possibilities of manipulating them into different forms. Each section requires a different approach and careful consideration.

The project is a combination of representation and also interpretation. I am not attempting to create a scientifically accurate ‘map’ but to embody a particular place into an object through combining and contrasting segments of different materials. It is a history lesson and a comment on lost industries and techniques. In summary it is a project about what different places have in common, how they differ, and what we recognise within them that fosters a sense of ‘place’.

See the project booklet